Wart Remedy that Actually Works

The kids and I were going through old pictures today when we ran across a picture of the worst wart ever. Don’t look if you’ve got a strong gag reflex. And actually it wasn’t the worst wart ever, now that I think of it. He had some on his feet that were bigger than a fifty cent piece. (Bah! And after all that I forgot to add a More link so it displayed the whole thing! d’oh!)

But anyway, the whole reason I’m posting this is because we’d forgotten how bad it was, and what a miracle it was we found a remedy that actually works. And since someone had asked the other day how we got rid of his warts, I figured I’d post the solution here. If you want it and don’t mind the gross picture, click ahead!

Don’t use this remedy on your face — it’s too harsh. If you have warts on your face, use some other method. Or better yet, find a wart somewhere else (someplace discreet) and treat that — your body may very well get the idea and kill the facial warts after that. OK? Promise you won’t do this to your face? Then here we go.

You’ll need ALL of these things (getting the right combination is important)

– Apple Cider Vinegar
– Cotton Swabs
– Duct Tape
– Clear Nail Polish
– cheap, DISPOSABLE emery boards (a pack of 5 from Sally’s would work)
– hand sanitizer

On the first night:

1) Lightly buff the surface of the wart with an emery board. Wash away the dust and use some hand sanitizer, and throw away the board.
2) Break the cotton off the top of a swab. You should have a ball about the same size as the wart. In Ethan’s case, we had to use small cotton balls instead.
3) Dampen the cotton with the vinegar, put it on the wart, and duct-tape it in place, sealing off the edges as best as you can so you can sleep.

In the morning, remove the duct tape, wash everything and let it dry, and then give the wart a few coats of nail polish.

At night, pick off the nail polish and put on a fresh swab of vinegar with your duct tape.

After a day or two, you’ll notice some black specks on the surface of the wart. It’s dying. My son said this hurts a bit.

Keep repeating this process for a few days until the wart turns completely black. Then skip the apple-cider vinegar swab and duct-tape routine. Don’t worry about picking off the nail polish either at this point. Just add a fresh coat every day. After a few days, the wart will fall off and should be gone for good.

These are some things we had tried:

– Salicylic Acid Patches
– Compound W
– Freeze-it-Yourself Kits
– Freezing it at the Doctor’s Office
– Lemon Juice
– Wrapping in Duct tape only
– Wrapping in Duct tape With salicylic acid patches
– Tagamet / Zantac (supposedly can wake up a dozing immune system)
– Burning it with the end of a still-hot match
– Slicing the top off it with a razor/cutting it out (I think this is what made it bigger. NOT my idea and I don’t recommend it)

He even tried the suggestion to rub the wart several times per day with a washcloth and repeat, “Wart, Go away.”

None of that worked. The vinegar solution caused the wart to turn black and die in a matter of days, and within 2 weeks the wart was gone completely. In fact, even his smaller, non-treated warts disappeared quickly as well after that.

Anyway. Here’s the picture of the wart about to die. Hopefully yours isn’t this nasty. If it is though, take hope .. and start using some vinegar!

Gross wart on my kid's hand

A huge wart dying: the black specks are a tell-tale sign that the wart is going away. It was completely gone a few days after this.

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73 comments on “Wart Remedy that Actually Works
  1. I’ve had a wart on my knuckle since middle school(I’m in tenth grade now) it never bothered me until I went into high school and felt extremely self conscious about it. I tired everything doctors, freezing it, bland aids, and just plain ducktape at night. I’m glad I came across this cause it seems to be working! I also have warts on the inside of my hands as wel I’ve been doing the treatment to those too. The one on my knuckle doesn’t seem to be turning as black more more white it’s red around the wart and my doctor said thats a sign of it going away. I’ll keep trying the treatment so far it’s good results!

  2. Maria says:

    I just found this and I am trying it out! The wart I have is on my finger so my only question is, can you get the wart wet after using the nail polish? My hands are in water a lot and I am just wondering if that can affect anything or will the nail polish still do it’s job? Thank you!

    • Velda says:

      Hi! Sorry, I thought I’d replied earlier to this. How did it go, Maria? And yes, you can get it wet. The nail polish seals it off.

  3. Rana says:

    Thanks a lot for the great info I’ve read a lot about using vinegar but no one mentioned how. I have 7warts on my left foot and I started using your method.thanx again

  4. Rana says:

    Hi I’m still using vinegar it looks like I need more time every thing you mentioned happened about the changes but slowly when it will disappear I will tell you

  5. Rhonda says:

    Do you file the wart every night, too?

    • Rhonda says:

      And, do I NEED to use duct tape or can I use band aids?

      • Velda says:

        Um, not sure. Duct tape keeps the moisture in (which you want) while bandaids are supposed to be breathable.

        Also, I think I’ve said this before, but this method was way too harsh for facial warts. I’m looking for a good fix for those currently…

    • Velda says:

      If it has a hard surface, yes. If it’s soft enough for the vinegar to get through, don’t worry about filing. And stop after it turns black.

      If you file it, buy a pack of cheapie baby emry boards so you can throw them away every time.

      • Rhonda says:

        Thanks! I’m trying tonight, but only have band aids to hand. And, my wart is on my finger tip. I promise to never ever do this on my face.

        • Velda says:

          You can use vaseline to protect the skin immediately around the wart, too. Good luck! Keep it up and let me know how it goes.

          • Rhonda says:

            There was a smiley. face after my last comment. It read way for serious than it was. :)

          • Velda says:

            Heheh, no worries. I went back and realized I had put that in the post. I learned the hard way and had four big red spots on my forehead for months! Spots are gone now. The warts there remain though.

    • rana says:

      Yes you file it every night till it become dark red to blak then you should paint it with nail painter Only .

  6. Rhonda says:

    Worked like a charm…in under a week! My wart was two years old. It also did not hurt, but I guess it kid of does for others. Anyway, I had no clean duct tape, and used band aids, but it worked!!!

  7. Kathy says:

    Hi Velda. Glad I found this site. Just started yesterday with your plan to remove two plantars warts on my son’s foot. Today was the first morning we put on the nail polish and when he came home from school we were going to “peel the polish off” and redo the ACV/Duct Tape combo. I put on about 4-5 coats of polish this morning, but we couldn’t even see any polish this afternoon. We tried to peel it, but I think we were just peeling skin – we couldn’t see any polish. I don’t know if it wore off during the day, or it is there, but just hidden. I guess I thought there would be a nice thick, clear, round section of polish that would peel off. So, how many layers did you put on? The polish I had happened to be a “quick dry” brand, so I wonder if another brand would be thicker? We are hopeful this process will work! Any tips you can give on the nail polish part would be great!. Thanks so much!

    • Velda says:

      Hi Kathy, I just used a regular cheapy-brand nail polish for my kid. We were treating a wart that was on his wrist. I’m guessing your son’s polish wore off on his socks? You might want to go ahead and add a few extra coats.

      Anyway, part of the point of peeing the polish is to peel off a thin layer of skin with it, so it sounds like you’re on the right track anyway. Let me know how it goes!

  8. Marie Coco says:

    Hi Velda,
    I used the ACV on a wart I have, but did not know about the clear nail polish. When the wart turned black I tried to peel it off. I think I peeled it off too early, as it looks like there is still some of the wart underneath (the skin is irritated, too). Do you recommend continuing with the ACV?

  9. Rana says:

    Hi one of warts is gone like a magic and I started with the rest wish me luck for the others

  10. Paige says:

    Do you have to use clear nail polish, or will any kind work?

  11. Nichole says:

    I have two warts on my toe, one is the size of an eraser, the other the size of a pin head. I have put duck tape on it when it was just the big one.I have also tried freezing them with compound w twice. It’s been about 5 weeks since the last try. I went swimming a week ago and I looked at it when I was in the pool and it was soft and white, after swimming they are now both black and hard, are they dying? I would really like to get rid of them because the bigger one can be very painful. Can you help?

    • Velda says:

      Try the steps and let me know how it goes :)

      • Nichole says:

        The small one is just gone I haven’t done any treatments to them since last post and the one is still the same exept a little darker.

        • Velda says:

          OK, keep it up!

          • Nichole says:

            My wart is gone! It got a weird texture and a little space between it and the skin yesterday. It was barely attached so a pulled it off. There is like three seeds in the middle that got ripped in half should I take those out?

          • Velda says:

            If it has “seeds” I would treat those too, just to be sure it really goes away.

  12. Kelly says:

    Is the nail polish safe to use on your skin and the warts? After they turn run black how many days do you put the nail polish on for? Also what is the purpose for the polish?

    • Velda says:

      Hi Kelly, these sound like great questions for a doctor. I’m just posting what worked for us.

      I can say that in my experience, we kept putting polish on until the wart just fell off, and that all these years later my son’s skin is fine. And I would imagine that the nail polish helps dry out and cover the wart, and when you pick it off (before the wart turns black) it takes a little layer of the wart with it.

      • Kelly says:

        Ok thank you. I was just reading some of the comments above and I know that a lot of these are just home remedies. the wart has turned black and I see a lot of people wait for it to harden and then they try to pick it off but I’ve seen in other places that when you peel the nail polish off it takes the root and wart with it. So I was just wondering. I am using the ACV treatment and it seems to be working. since you guys use the nail polish how many days did you put it on after the wart turned black?

  13. Mark says:

    I have been trying to remove a wart on my finger for months. I tried all of the remedies
    that you did with your son. Turned to the internet and found your site. I agree with your son, the application of the cotton swab was definitely uncomfortable it did work. Within the first week the wart had turned black and I could tell was going away. A couple of weeks later just waiting for the scab to come off. Just wanted to take the time to thank you.

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